Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Episode 5

Fifth episode of the Elder Things podcast, about the Call of Cthulhu LCG from Fantasy Flight Games. In this episode we discuss our contest winner, exclusive spoiler, tomes, a beginner primer, a Dark Young deck, and more.

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Episode 5

Contest winner! - Tyler Dion

Fantasy Flight Games was kind enough to provide us with an exclusive spoiler from the upcoming The Key and the Gate set.

*Professor Nathaniel Peaslee, Alien Intelligence
Yog-Sothoth.  Cost 1, Arcane, Skill 1, Yithian
Action: Pay X (which must include at least one Yog resource) to choose a non-Ancient One
character of X skill or less. The controller of that character gains control of Professor Nathaniel Peaslee and you gain control of that character.
Remember that uniqueness is limited by OWNER, not controller, so you cannot play another Peaslee to grab another character unless the first one dies.  Also, you would not want to play him in the same deck with the Miskatonic version of Professor Nathaniel Peaslee.

All about Tomes

Top 15 Tomes (in alphabetical order):

Book of Black Stones (Cost 1, Neutral - exhaust to have each player discard 1 from deck)
*Book of Iod (Cost 1, Shub - exhaust to reveal 2, put 1 in hand and discard 1)
Celaeno Fragments (Cost 1, Miskatonic - grant Fast&skill, on Tome retrieve Tome or character)
Cylinders of Cadatheron (Cost 2, Miskatonic - find Tome or Event)
Daemonlatria (Cost 2, Agency - no opponent Events while committed)
Dreamlore Documents (Cost 1, Miskatonic - exhaust to make one subtype cost +2 to play)
*Eltdown Shards (Cost 2, Yog - gain AA, when win A look & discard 1 from opponent hand)
Forbidden Knowledge (Cost 1, Miskatonic - pay 4 and sac char to draw 4 - needs combo)
Hermetic Text (Cost 1, Yog - gain A, when commit discard 1 card from deck)
King in Yellow Folio (Cost 2, Hastur - Gain Fast & TT, all struggles at story are T)
Necronomicon: Al Azif (Cost 3, Miskatonic - when success, sac char to put 1 on each story)
Necronomicon: George Hay (Cost 3, Syndicate - Sac char to exhaust all w/ lower skill)
Necronomicon: Olaus Wormius (Cost 3, Shub - Sac to put back in play all w/ lower skill)
*Pnakotic Manuscripts (Cost 1, Miskatonic - exhaust to copy another char’s icons)
Whateley’s Diary (Cost 3, Neutral - pay 4 and sac to rearrange your success tokens)

Dark Young Deck

Ancient Guardian (cost 4, Core)
Collector of Sacrifices (cost 2, Silver Twilight)
Ferocious Dark Young (cost 2, Whispers in the Dark)
Hungry Dark Young (cost 3, Core)
Predator of the Night (cost 2, Perilous Trials)
Rampaging Dark Young (cost 5, Secrets of Arkham)
The Mother’s Hand (cost 3, Secrets of Arkham)
Trampling Dark Young (cost 3, Initiations of the Favored)
Watcher of the Woods (cost 3, Core)
Ya-te-veo (cost 2, The Unspeakable Pages)
Shub Niggurath, Dark Mistress of the Woods (cost 6, The Cacophony)

Fill out with characters that cost 2 or less (playable with Hungry Dark Young) and ideally have skill 2+ or don’t go to stories (Trampling Dark Young) although that’s a minor feature.  Ways to find Shub or play her earlier are useful.
Albino Goat Spawn
Black Dog
Priestess of Bubastis
The Forgotten Explorer

Burrowing Beneath - Destroy supports
Feed Her Young - Build up domain for Shub
Ia! Ia! Shudde M’ell - Grant Arcane for a big push
The Black Goat’s Rage - Drive enemies insane
Thunder in the East - Destroy supports

Supports:  (also helps Watcher of the Woods)
Altar of the Blessed - more Skill to win stories
Book of Iod - More card draw (find Shub) and seed the discard for HDY and Shub
The Three Bells - Seed the discard for DY and Shub
Under the Porch - Find Shub

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  1. Another great episode. Your Yog-Preview let me want the expansion even more. Keep it rolling!