Thursday, January 17, 2013

Episode 4

Fourth episode of the Elder Things podcast, about the Call of Cthulhu LCG from Fantasy Flight Games.  In this episode we discuss the Australian Nationals, Cenacle 3-player rules, previews of the upcoming expansion "The Key and the Gate", Restricted and Banned cards, a Miskatonic faction overview, and more.

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Episode 4

Next Deluxe Expansion has been announced.  Titled “The Key and the Gate”, it’s for Yog.

Cenacle 3-player rules can be downloaded from here:

Restricted and banned cards:  What makes it THAT good?
Recent thread for background reading:

 Endless Interrogation: Too much potential for abuse
 Magah Bird: Just way too efficient to play 3 characters for 1 AND thin your deck

 Itinerant Scholar: Reuse your own big domain plus you can drain your opponents
 Things in the Ground: Bends normal gameplay significantly, good for 2 strategies (mill+AO’s)
 Diseased Sewer Rats: High efficiency, you get a decent character and a kill for 2
 Negotium Perambulans in Tenebris: Stops low skill too well, too long.  Hard to remove
 Descendant of Eibon: Way above the curve with 4 icons, Willpower, Tough, and special abilities
 Nyarlathotep: Very annoying and disruptive card, makes your opponent resource randomly
 Guardian Pillar: Strong Invulnerable character for cost 3
 Doppelganger: Hugely flexible character, plus returns to hand, breaks the 3x limit
 Khopesh of the Abyss: Mass targeted character wounding w/ Tough characters
 Initiate of Huang Hun: Repeatable board clearing ability

Diseased Sewer Rats & Initiate of Huang Hun were most popular at Worlds this year.  The winning deck used Nyarlathotep.

We’re giving away a full playset of Dreamlands common cards (3xeach).  All you have to do is answer our secret question from the podcast (you have to actually listen to find out what it is!)  Email your answers to  Everyone who answers correctly will be entered into a drawing and the winner will be announced next episode.

Australian Nationals Decks (top 8)

1st Place Troy Armstrong National Australian Call of Cthulhu Champion
Shub/Yog/Silver Twilight, with a strong resemblance to the recent Worlds championship deck
3x Black Dog
2x Twilight Cannibal
3x Hungry Dark one
3x Grasping Chthonian
1x Displaced Gthonian
1x Y'Golonac
3x Faceless Abductor
3x Many Angled Things
3x Stalking Hound
1x Glaaki
2x Initiate of Huang Hun
3x Master of the Myths
2x Lord Jeffery farrington
2x Nodens
3x Feed Her Young
3x Shocking Transformation
3x Pushed into the Beyond
3x Journey to the Other Side
3x Twilight Gate
2x Under the Porch

2nd Place Leslie La
Cthulhu/Hastur w/ Khopesh
3 Cthulhu, Lord of R'lyeh
2 Ravengers of the Deep
2 Somnambulant Dreamer
3 Brood of Yig
3 Degenerate Serpent Cultist
2 Guardian Shoggoth
3 Hastur-Lord of Carcosa
3 Wraith
2 Victoria Glasser
3 Bringer of Fire
2 Performance Artist
3 Tulzscha
3 The Red Gloved Man
3 Seekers of Mysteries
2 The Locked Door
1 Magnifying Glass
2 Rope and Anchor Tavern
3 Khopesh of the Abyss
2 Called to the sea
1 Power Drain
1 Blind Submission
1 Agoraphobia

3rd Place Neil Rasmussen
Yog/Shub w/ Doppleganger
2 gibbering Soul
3 Black Dog
2 Ya Te veo
2 Hungry Dark One
2 The Mothers Hand
2 Displaced Cthonian
2 Y'Golonac
2 Shudde M'ell
2 Shub Niggerath
2 Many Angled Things
1 The Large Man
3 Stalking Hound
2 Living Mummy
3 Yog Sothoth
2 Glaaki
2 Master of Myths
2 Grasping Cthonians
2 Doppledanger
2 Mage known as Magnus
1 The Necronomicon: Olaus Wormius Translation
3 A single glimpse
3 Twilight Gate
3 Opening the Limbo Gate
3 Pushed into the Beyond
3 Feed her Young
3 Shocking Transformnation
2 Broken Space, Broken Time

4th Place Alex
mono Cthulhu w/ Khopesh
3 Degenerate Serpent Cultists
3 Brood of Yig
3 Keeper of the Golden Path
2 carl Stanford
3 Guardian Shoggoth
3 Ravenger of the Deep
2 Hydra
3 Cthulhu
3 Ghatanotha
3 Mage known as Magnus
2 Deep One Rising
3 Khopesh of the Abyss
2 Communal Shower
3 A Single Path
3 Deep One Assault
3 Sacrificial Offerings
3 Pulled Under
3 Dragged into the Deep
5th Lyndon "The Veil is thin"
3 x *Paul Lemond
3 x Undercover Security
3 x Faceless Abductor
3 x Blood Magician
3 x Agency Bodyguard
2 x *The Sleepwalker
2 x *Descendant of Eibon
3 x *Marshall Greene
2 x *Nathaniel Elton
2 x Fishers from Outside
2 x Many-Angled Thing
3 x Constricting Elder Thing
3 x Stalking Hound
3 x Behind Bars
3 x Working a Hunch
3 x Small Price to Pay
3 x Twilight Gate
3 x Pushed into the Beyond
3 x Shotgun Blast

6th Place Kenny Nguyen "The Professionals"
3 Shotgun Blast
1 Professor Morgan
1 Dr Laban Shrewsbury
1 Teodor Corvin
2 Eryn Cochwyn
1 Marcus Jumburg
1 The Necronomicon
1 Harry Houdini
2 Professional Councelor
3 Mad Genius
1 Mr Grey
3 Focused Art Student
3 Obsessive Detective
3 Obsessive Insomniac
1 Elder Sign Parchment
1 Price Manor
2 The Hall School
3 Forbidden Knowledge
1 Terrible Old Man
3 Research Assistant
1 Pnakotic Manuscripts
1 Paul Lemond
3 Medical Student
1 Celaeno Fragments
2 binding
3 Small price to pay
3 Development Camp
7th Place Jaime Lawrence
mono Silver Twilight
3 Silver Twilight Collector
3 High Wizard of the Order
1 Clifton Rosenberg
3 Disgruntled Chef
1 The Guardian of the Key
3 Arcane Hunter
3 Silver Twilight Enforcer
1 Lord Jeffery Farrington
3 Crooked Treasurer
3 Zealous Secretary
2 Unscrupulous Acquisionist
1 Twilight Silver Lodge
1 You Know Too Much
3 Fine Dining
3 Pose Mundane
3 Rumour Mill
2 Unbound
1 The Cornered Man
2 Diseased Rats
1 Polilitical Demonstration
1 Senator Rhodes
3 Magnus Stiles
3 Necessary Evil
3 Riding Shotgun
1 Ask Questions later
8th Place Jason Conlon "Criminal Element"
Yog/Syndicate w/ Doppleganger
3 Doppleganger
2 Cannibal Ghast
3 Servants of Glaaki
3 Face Abductor
3 Glaaki
3 Johnny V's Dame
3 Tragic Celebrity
2 Clover Club Torch Singer
2 triggerman
2 Hard Case
2 Syndicate Liaso3 Hack Journalist
2 7th House on the left
1 Dutch Corage
2 Lethagic Miasma
2 Intimidate
3 Eldritch Nexus
3 Dampen Light
3 Journey to the Other side
3 The Underground Conspiracy


  1. Hi guys,

    what music are you using in your podcasts? A soundtrack of some kind?

    - Sir D

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  3. hey guys. i wanted to let you know how much i appreciate what you're doing for the CoC LCG community. my attention has been somewhat diverted from the game in recent months, so i haven't gotten around to saying thanks yet. thanks!

  4. I haven't listened to your show yet (I just found out it exists today) but I'm looking forward to it. However, it seems you're not on itunes? Are you going to be? It would nice to be able to subscribe so I can get the shows automatically...

  5. You should put more info into the podcast posts, at least include the email contact info. Still, links to deck list or news items at FFG you talk about and stuff would also be great and good for longevity of the posts.


    Would you please consider adding your deck lists witch you talk about to the cardboard webiste? As far as I can tell you are not doing this. Also when you do you can add "tags" to the decks... so tag it with "elderthingsPODc" or maybe something shorter so people can formate the deck lists and only see your decks. I think this will be good for the scene and good for you show.